Wall clocks from the house of Kieninger adorn every living room and study

Kieninger wall clocks: Let yourself be inspired!

Get to know Kieninger wall clocks and let yourself be inspired by this world of clocks. The wall clocks of this brand are precise, as is the entire service. You will find inspiration on the website kieninger-uhrenshop.de. Discover the Kieninger watches that are very special. The company offers you masterpieces of German clockmaking art since 1912. The wall clocks made by Kieninger perfectly decorate your study or living room. In the shop you will find all current pendulum and wall clocks. The quality of the mechanical clocks is impressive. They last a lifetime.

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Kieninger Regulator Carrar Marble with Chrome Half-Hour Movement
Modern case style with UV glued glass segments, black satin finish frame and real marble back panel. Crank key deposit in case frame, genuine enamel dial with Breguet-style hands, chrome plated grid pendulum and pendulum scale.

Movement PS063: 
Cable movement with 1/2-hour chime on coiled gong, automatic beat adjustment, with maintaining power, second indication and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM  and 7.00 AM

4.578,00 EUR
Black Kieninger weekly runner in modern design - Mariette
  • Modern gestalteter Seilzugregulator
  • Gehäuse in Schleiflack schwarz


3.401,00 EUR
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Perfect advice from Kieninger

You are welcome to trust the perfect and personal advice of this brand. The company has been in this business for four generations. A wall clock of this make is a real investment, but also tradition and culture. The team wants satisfied customers. Part of the service is that even on the phone a sound sample of the clock is given, if you wish. The video consultation via WhatsApp is also very popular with both customers. This brings the world of watches into your living room without you having to go on site. You will also find many watches in the exclusive showroom, including grandfather clocks, another speciality of the company. They are the core segment of the entire range at Kieninger alongside the wall clocks. Grandfather clocks are contemporary witnesses, valuable investments and also represent culture and high-quality craftsmanship or watchmaking.

Many great models

Decide, for example, on the small walnut regulator as a miniature (Micronis). This miniature cable regulator is fine but small and minimalist in design. These wall clocks by Kieninger are made of a walnut case with inlay and the faceted crystal glass. The trembling dial has 11.5 cm and a seconds display for you. The decorative ring is diamond-turned and has a polished brass ring. Other highlights of this clock are the blued Brequet steel hands, the matching lacquered wooden pendulum and the polished brass rail with 8 cm. The precision cable movement has 8 ruby jewels and 6 precision ball bearings integrated. Get to know the other details here, the Graham anchor, the steel plates, the cable winding limit, the automatic anchor, the seconds display and the power reserve. Buy a watch that will last a lifetime. The dimensions are height 45.5 cm, width 15.5 cm and depth 7.5 cm with a weight of 6 kg.

Large selection

Get to know the large selection in the shop and buy Kieninger wall clocks online. The Riva wall clock made of finest piano lacquer mahogany with metal inlays and a month runner as well as the half-hour strike should be mentioned here. The Harmonie regulator made of mahogany with a round chime and brass grid pendulum is also a bestseller in the shop. The same goes for the "Wiener Laterndl" regulator made of black lacquer with a round gong spring. The Trend Olive regulator with hour strike on the bell and the small walnut regulator as a miniature round off the range. Please also choose the accessory, the clock oil Clock 859. You will find all current pendulum clocks and other models in the shop. The mechanical clocks are of high quality and exclusively available. You can also order table clocks, month runners and tourbillons here. Create an account and log in to the shop with your password. You will also receive regular offers and information via the newsletter. Pictures and videos of the production are also available and you can visit the exhibition at any time. The watch encyclopaedia also offers you further information. Get to know various watch movements and read the operating instructions. The support team will be happy to explain the exact guarantee promises to you. For service requests, please contact us here. You can revoke your consent to receive the newsletter at any time. The delivery of the high-quality watches is carried out by a forwarding agent or UPS.

Guaranteed quality

The company has existed for more than 100 years and offers guaranteed quality. The family business also sees the brand as a philosophy of life. There is a two-year guarantee on the brand watches. The warranty is legally 2 years long, but could be extended to 10 years without any problems, but wear and tear is present. The mechanical watches have a "motor". This runs and is therefore subject to the law of friction. After about ten to twelve years, your watch of this brand should therefore receive a comprehensive service. This service includes overhauling the bearings and also the mainsprings. These can be replaced, depending on their condition. The movement is also oiled and cleaned. A defect in the movement is always covered by the warranty. The issue of wear and tear cannot be covered by warranty. Usually a defect is discovered within a few months or weeks and then it is obviously a warranty case. You will then receive help and everything will be repaired immediately.

Embellish your rooms with precise clocks

Buy these branded clocks and beautify your living room with them, for example. Choose a model that suits your interior style and can be integrated into your living environment in terms of wood or style. You have created a valuable investment. The clocks will run smoothly for years and you will enjoy them. Choose clocks that have been made with the highest quality and precision in our own production. The family business has existed since 1912 and can look back on many years of experience and tradition. Choose quality and buy precision that gives pleasure! Kieninger wall clocks captivate with their details. But it's not just the look that will convince you: the functionality is also unique. By the way, you can use the service at any time and get advice about cleaning or maintenance of your clock. Buy a clock in piano lacquer and set a visual highlight in your home. Look proudly at the clock in the future and get to know the precision of Kieninger wall clocks. Choose a brand that has lasted a long time and never goes out of fashion.

You will find all current Kieninger clocks in our shop.

Inclusive a 2 year Kieninger guarantee on product quality and personal advice of the fourth Kieninger generation. Worldwide insured delivery  - directly to your living room.

A Kieninger timepiece is not only an asset, but also a piece of tradition and culture.