Kieninger Uhrenshop
Stefan Folberth
Am Südhang 31
72160 Horb a.N.
Tel 07482-913-7038
Fax. 07482-913-988

Johanna born Folberth Kieninger is the great-granddaughter of Joseph Kieninger Kieninger and owner of watch shop. With the online shop Kieninger I am continuing the tradition of the family watches. For me personally there are not more beautiful than to hear the ticking of a uniform and living our watches. This accompanies me, like the beating of a heart, all day long.

Clocks are not only soothing, but you are also an expression of an old tradition - a Zeitgeist. Our present time is determined by events, stress and a faster and faster everyday. Immerse yourself with our watches in a new form of time and the rest.

Simply "time at its best" - a mechanical Kieninger Clock.
I still am a big fan of Kieninger clocks. For the love of this product there is this online shop.

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