In the Kieninger timepiece onlineshop you find all current Kieninger models in stock.
Oder your personal masterpiece of german clockmaker craftsmanship today!

Johanna Folberth, birth name Kieninger, is the great-granddaughter of Joseph Kieninger and owner of Kieninger timepiece onlineshop. With the Kieninger onlineshop I continue the family tradition of clocks. For me personally there is nothing more beautiful than to hear the steady and lively ticking of one of our clocks. It accompanies me the whole day like the beating of my heart.
Johanna Folberth geb. Kieninger

Big timepieces not only are comforting, they are also an expression of an old tradition – a spirit of age. Our present time is defined by appointments, hectic rush, deadlines and an increasingly faster going daily grind. Plunge into a complete new form of time and quietude with our timepieces.
Simply “time in its most beautiful form” – a mechanical Kieninger clock.
To say the least – I am a big fan of Kieninger clocks. My love to this product gave the inspiration to this onlineshop.


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