0138-82-X1 with roman numbers and KSU movement
from 12.750,00 EUR
Kieninger Regulator Carrar Marble with Chrome Half-Hour Movement
Modern case style with UV glued glass segments, black satin finish frame and real marble back panel. Crank key deposit in case frame, genuine enamel dial with Breguet-style hands, chrome plated grid pendulum and pendulum scale.

Movement PS063: 
Cable movement with 1/2-hour chime on coiled gong, automatic beat adjustment, with maintaining power, second indication and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM  and 7.00 AM

4.578,00 EUR
Black Kieninger weekly runner in modern design - Mariette
  • Modern gestalteter Seilzugregulator
  • Gehäuse in Schleiflack schwarz


3.401,00 EUR
Small Kieninger Classic Walnut Mantel Clock
  • Fireplace clock in walnut
  • AEL clockwork
1.170,00 EUR
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