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The House of Kieninger has stood for the highest quality and magnificent craftsmanship for four generations. It was founded in 1912 by Josef Kieninger in the Black Forest. Today, it is still one of the largest manufacturers of large mechanical watches in the world. Because of this, the company will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2022.

The special features of Kieninger watches have always included technical innovations such as the ceramic pallet. This prolongs the wear and tear and thus the life of the movement indefinitely.
One endeavour of the Kieninger watchmakers was to extend the running time of a Kieninger movement from 7 days to one month. Thus the Kieninger monthly runner was born, making this miracle possible. In addition to a further conversion from 7 to 28 days, more energy is also required, which is why the weights of the Kieninger monthly runners are also considerably heavier than those of the Kieninger weekly runners. With this, the Kieninger company has once again made a significant innovation in a mechanical movement. Kieninger movements are therefore always a masterpiece of German watchmaking art.


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Our very special watches have a running time of one month.

You will find all current Kieninger clocks in our shop.

Inclusive a 2 year Kieninger guarantee on product quality and personal advice of the fourth Kieninger generation. Worldwide insured delivery  - directly to your living room.
Kieninger very special watches have a lifespan of one month.
A Kieninger timepiece is not only an asset, but also a piece of tradition and culture.