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The traditional company has stood for high quality and high-quality, traditional craftsmanship for decades. Johanna Folberth, née Kieninger, for the family business together with her husband Stefan Folberth in the 4th generation. Grandfather clocks have always been a core segment of Kieninger's product range. A grandfather clock is only a witness to time or a store of value, but represents a piece of high-quality craftsmanship and a culture that no longer exists today, but is still appreciated.

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Which grandfather clocks are available?

Sanding varnish, noble mahogany, solid oak, high-quality walnut and pyramid veneer as well as maple inlays bear witness to the best craftsmanship of times gone by. The type of wood determines the colour and grain. The glass grandfather clock in chrome or with gold-plated brass creates a fresh impression with its modern design that goes well with modern furniture. A traditional grandfather clock suits just about any style of furnishing and sets accents. Gold-plated and chrome-plated versions give the observer a noble impression. In addition to the design, the technical equipment, the movement, is of course the second most important criterion for choosing one of these clocks. Monthly runners, the number of sound tubes as well as the tubular gong, the bar gong or a cable movement are further criteria according to which one chooses. Clocks of this type with an English style are in the middle range in terms of price, but enjoy great popularity in German living rooms and salons.
What criteria determine the quality of a Kieninger floor clocks mechanical of the highest quality?
The clocks of the family-owned company are considered to be of very high quality and are in the premium segment. The price-performance ratio is quite good and they have a clear added value. This lies above all in the cosy living feeling. Every person is different. In addition to the different design, the material, the size and the sound of the striking mechanism, the handling naturally also plays a decisive role. Clocks from this company with tradition have been among the most popular home accessories for many generations. However, the striking mechanism should not be perceived as annoying. Older models often cannot be muted manually. The models in the current collection have an automatic night shut-off and can also be muted manually.

How can the longevity be improved?
The grandfather clock is and was a utilitarian object, home accessory or even furniture, which sometimes had a small box or seating in the lower part (bench). It was considered an eye-catcher for any room, be it in the hallway, drawing room, anteroom or living room.
The placement plays a big role. Preferably opposite the door, so that it immediately catches the eye. Its sound is better perceived in quiet rooms. The room should be clean, dry and not too hot. Wood warps due to moisture and damages the movement. The clocks of the family business are of a very high quality, but it is important that the grandfather clock stands straight and is not constantly placed somewhere else. These clocks only need to be cleaned every 10 to 15 years.

What are the advantages of a grandfather clock?
These clocks are more stable than wall clocks and larger than table clocks. The grandfather clock is therefore ideal as an eye-catcher. These clocks from the family business give rooms perspective. The fine materials and solid workmanship ensure a very long life. Antique grandfather clocks must be wound. The family business will be happy to advise you on request. The clock movement determines the type of operation of the grandfather clock. Grandfather clocks are easy to care for and convey a very special flair.
Is it possible to have these clocks customised?
That depends, of course, on whether they can be realised. Engravings, dedications, special decorations and changes in design are always possible. An e-mail or a visit to Kieninger is worthwhile in any case! The family business has been offering individual solutions for four generations.

In which cases should Kieninger be contacted directly?
Of course, this depends very much on the respective "emergency". The worst case is when the case or the movement has been damaged during transport. But here, too, a satisfactory solution can always be found. An old family grandfather clock is to be refurbished as a wedding present. In this case, it is advisable to send an e-mail with a detailed specification or drawing. Kieninger will get back to you immediately and will be happy to advise you in detail.

What distinguishes Kieninger clocks?
In every grandfather clock from this company there is a love of craftsmanship and detail. The honour of craftsmanship and the joy of knowing that the pieces you make are appreciated is something very special. Knowing that this grandfather clock will continue to serve well and be appreciated for generations to come fills the family business with joy and pride. From the choice of wood to the last screw, nothing is left to chance. Grandfather clocks from this family business are not dust collectors, but works of art that last more than a lifetime.
what they promise.

You have inherited a 100-year-old company grandfather clock?
In this case, most people keep the high-quality clock. After such a long time, it can happen that the grandfather clock needs to be repaired or cleaned. No problem, just bring the grandfather clock by after making an appointment and Kieninger will take care of it expertly. Repairs, repairs to the clock movement or adaptations are always possible. Can the clock be "rehoused" in another wooden case of a more recent choice? After examining the grandfather clock, Kieninger will decide whether and how the project can be realised.

To which style does the grandfather clock of the family business fit?
Regardless of the design, a grandfather clock always looks tasteful. If desired, it can be customised. A grandfather clock always causes admiring glances and a stir at every party. It is a memento, an eye-catcher, a piece of furniture and, of course, the time can be read off.

The Kieninger grandfather clock as a gift with added value for generations
Grandfather clocks from this family-owned company can of course also be purchased as gifts. Kieninger gift vouchers are somewhat simpler and more flexible. These can refer to grandfather clocks or repairs and maintenance. In this way, the presentee always has the opportunity to choose his or her favourite piece. Thus, even a noble gold decorated grandfather clock with precious wood can be realised as a new highlight for the living room. Grandfather clocks are very durable and therefore have a very high sentimental value. Ideal occasions are Christmas, wedding anniversaries or special anniversaries. When buying, the time factor before the holidays should also be considered. Delivery is not a problem and can be organised at the time of purchase. Of course, the grandfather clock will be packed appropriately for transport to protect it from transport damage.

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A Kieninger timepiece is not only an asset, but also a piece of tradition and culture.