Kieninger month runtime

Kieninger month runtime
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Johanna Folberth, geb. Kieninger

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Kieninger "Wiener Dachl" miniature cable movement fine black lacquer month runtime 2800-96-03
Classic "Wiener Dachl"-type miniature regulator in fine black lacquer finish, 4 beveled crystal glasses, genu-ine 11,5 cm enamel dial with second indication and chrome rim, blue Breguet-style steel hands, a wooden pendulum with chrome plated 8 cm disk and a chrome plated weight.

Movement: Caliber NSM01 Month running miniature cable movement offers
- Graham style escapement (anchor reah 9 ½ teeth)
- pallet anchor with fine steel pallets
- 8 ball bearings and 10 ruby jewels
- winding stop
- maintaining power during winding
- decentral, correct second indication
The innovative Kieninger Torsion-Control-Module with snail gearing and 5 ball bearings ensures an even parallel weight drop.

3.990,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax
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